COCONUT OIL Ingredient Spotlight

Coconut oil, It seems like it’s a staple for just about everything now, and for good reason. Coconut oil has been used for many years to moisturize and acts as a natural SPF to protect from the sun. Coconut oil also has a broad spectrum of benefits from dental to hair

It is best known for its ability to reduce protein loss and can help strengthen hair. It is predominantly made up of fatty acids called lauric acid and vitamin e, which allow it to be easily absorbed into the hair shaft.


What Else?

  • Coconut oil helps with thinning hair by penetrating the follicles, protecting it form breakage and stimulating growth.
  • Coconut oil reduces frizz by smoothing strands while leaving hair soft.
  • Coconut oil adds shine and keeps hair from looking lack luster.


How To Use.

In general, coconut oil will help improve the overall health of hair. It as a:

  • Pre-poo- oil treatment before shampooing
  • A scalp treatment- whether hot oil or overnight treatment before shampooing
  • Hair masque and conditioner- Get an even benefits with LaJAshley’s Coconut Cream Hydrating Hair Masque


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