Feed Your Hair (From the Inside Out)

Just like the body, every strand of hair needs a specific amount of nutrients to keep it at optimal health. In order to achieve growth, health and strength, it's very important to eat healthy. We, at LaJAshley, believe in that using the right products will help you to achieve healthy hair, but having a healthy lifestyle is just as important.


There are plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to the hair and body, so we'll explore 6 easily accessible foods that you can incorporate into your diet ASAP!


  • Chickpeas, Beans, Lentils (AKA Pulses)-are loaded with fiber and protein. Protein is a major key in keeping hair healthy and vibrant. When hair is deficient in protein, it can slow the process of hair growth and cause hair to be weak, dry and brittle over time. Pulses, like these, can also help reduce blood sugar and contains B Vitamins.

  • Asparagus- helps to breakage down protein which is important for building hair follicles and contain an abundance of B vitamin folate.

  • Spinach is nutrient dense vegetable, like kale, and is loaded with iron. Iron aids in getting enough oxygen and nutrients to the hair root and follicle in order for blood to flow properly. Anemia, is caused when there's a deficiency in iron and can also lead to hair loss. Spinach also contains folate, magnesium and very important B vitamins.

  • Pumpkin- contains Vitamin C, which is vital in the absorption of iron. Vitamin C also aids in the production of collagen, which strengthens the hair shaft. Pumpkin also contains Vitamin E, which helps repair damaged cells and is also chock full of iron and beta-carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A (an important antioxidant to for skin)

  • Grapes (seeded)- protects the tissue in the body from inflammation. They also contain polyphenolic compounds , which are related to role of antioxidants that help repair cell damage. 

  • Chia Seeds- I know we've heard that in order to get the right amount of Omega-3s, we need to eat a lot of fish. However, chia seeds are full of them. They also contain a lot of antioxidants, fiber and protein (which is what hair is made up of). Omega-3 fatty acids keeps hair and scalp moisturized, adds shine, prevents itchy, dry scalp and prevents hair loss.

Healthy eating is Extremely important to overall hair health and retention. What you put in your body effects your entire body including your hair. Feed it wrong, and things will be out of whack; feed it right, and it will love you back! And that is why LaJAshley's ingredients  are made with these same key nutrients. Check out our products and ingredients here!

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