Hair Care for Kids

One of the topics commonly asked at LaJAshley, are about the types of products recommended for their kids hair care routine. Many parents are extremely particular over what to use because they don’t want to expose their children to harsh chemicals that can ruin their hair and health.This can often be discouraging for parents that don’t know how to care for hair in general, or if their child’s hair is notably different from their own.


If this is something that worries you, no need to fear, the Chemist is here! And you don’t have to spend an incredible amount of energy or money. The most important thing is superb ingredients, a great regimen and consistency. 


Here are some basic tips to help you get started with you childs’ haircare journey!



We all no children love to play and are not always conscious of dirt. In general, it is very important to clean the hair and scalp. Co-washing can be beneficial at times, but shampooing is very important to remove product build up, environmental debris, and to allow the pores to breath which makes room for sebum and healthy hair growth. Our Lemon Meringue Clarifying Shampoo is great for thorough cleansing, but shouldn’t be used more than once a week (preferably every 7-14 days). If looking to shampoo your child’s hair more than once a week, use our Silk Moisturizing Shampoo or Mint- Tea Stimulating Shampoo for a gentler shampoo experience. 


Deep Conditioning

One of the best way for your childs’ hair to get the right amount nutrients it needs, is through deep conditioning. This gives hair the needed moisture and protection against factors that tend to dry it out. LaJAshley’s array of hydrating conditioners are 100% Natural/Vegan and a great option for the little ones.  



One of the things that can be very difficult for parents and children is the detangling process. However, these tips should make the process a lot easier:


  • Set aside enough time so you can take your time.
  • Dampen hair, with a water based detangler like LaJAshley’s Moisture Mist Leave In Conditioner. Hair is more susceptible to break if detangling when dry.
  • Detangle in sections, this will make the process a lot faster and easier so you won’t miss any parts.
  • Use a good detangling brush or wide tooth comb. Don’t rake through or yank at hair, this will only cause more knots and frustration. In a downward motion, begin at the ends and gently work your way up.



Children are very active and elements like sweat, playing outside in the cold and heat, swimming and rolling around can cause dryness and damage. Moisturizing your child’s hair several times throughout the week is a great way to combat dryness and breakage. LaJAshley has 4 different types of moisturizers depending on hair type. Moisture Mist Leave in Conditioner (for straight to wavy hair), Mint Tea Lotion (for wavy to curl hair), Creamy Leave-in Conditioner and Strawberry Cream Hair Moisturizers (for curly to kinky hair).



If hair is on the dryer curlier side, sealing hair, after moisturizing, with an oil is very important to lock in moisture and keep it moisturized for a longer period of time. Give extra attention to the ends of hair because they are the oldest and most fragile. You can seal LaJAshley’s Chamomile Chai Dry Hair Elixir or Vanilla Bean Pomade.



The best type of styles are those that require the low manipulation like braids, cornrows and twists. They protect hair from breakage, dirt/debris and environmental factors and safe time and energy. Hair should never be pulled too tight- when styled, it can lead to hair loss and tenderness to the scalp. Continue moisturizing and/or sealing and don’t leave hair in any style for more than two weeks without washing and conditioning.


Night time Routine

Moisturizing and sealing  may work better at night. Gather hair to the crown of the head in one ponytail or multiple depending on length and use a satin scarf or bonnet for your child to sleep in. For wild sleepers, a satin pillowcase will work to prevent breakage, tangling and friction throughout the night.


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