How to Determine Curl Pattern

Everyone's hair is different and requires specific needs and techniques to keep it healthy, moisturized and manageable. There's a lot of great information out there but may be difficult for what applies to you without knowing your curl pattern. This simple guide will help you get better acquainted with your hair so you can take the best care of your hair.


Take samples of strands (in stretched and shrunken state) from the five different parts of your hair (front right, front left, middle, back right, back left). You may notice that you may have various patterns throughout.

Curl patterns can be changed either permanently or temporarily. When permanently changed through over-manipulation, heat or relaxing, you are weakening your hair which makes it prone to more damage. So be careful when using hair dyes, relaxers, baking soda and heat. Temporary changes occur when stretching hair without heat, like twists, braids, rollers, curlformers, etc. These are safer ways to alter your curl pattern, when done correctly, because they stabilize your structure and lead to less tangles and breakage.


 All hair but, especially curl patterns need to be handled with care. A proper washing and styling method are very important and key to keeping hair healthy and to retain length. And of course the products you use are very important as well. LaJAshley has an array of products that will detoxify and clean your scalp and hair while keeping strands hydrated and ends lubricated.

You also want to avoid too much tension to hair. Yes, you need some tension with "stretching" hair but too much tension can cause breakage and hair loss. Take care when detangling and last but not least, eat healthy. Consistency is key so it's important  to adopt these principles into your lifestyle. The results are amazing!




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