"...Now Let's Get Hair Formation" (Pt. 2)

In Episode 2 of Hair Formation, we'll be taking a deeper dive into hair-formation. But first, let's recap. Protein, which is generally what hair is made of, is formed from a reaction between an alkaline amino group (Amine) and acidic amino group (Carboxylic Acid). The molecules that form Amine (positively charged) and Carboxylic Acid (negatively charged) are very energetic in nature. The reason they attach to other molecules are to form bonds. When they form bonds, they become stable and therefore, won't react anymore. Lost? Ok. Think about the "bond" between a crying baby and their pacifier. The crying baby has A LOT of energy and is very reactive; screaming, crying, flailing their little arms and legs. You may try dangling a toy or cuddling them but the only thing (at that moment) that will successfully "bond" to the baby and make them stable is with that pacifier, and now all that energy is put to rest. Now, consider breaking that bond by removing the pacifier...all HELL will break loose and that's exactly what can happen to hair.

Many things we do and put on our hair can negatively affect the bonds that are formed. On one spectrum, using heat (blow drying, straightening), relaxing, coloring, etc. hair  will cause damage to these bonds and result in dryness, split ends and breakage. The other spectrum deals with hair types: curl pattern (or no curl pattern), hair density and porosity where wrong management can also negatively affect it. We'll save this discussion for another post and explore high and low maintenance hair.

Hair stability and hair growth begin at the root. You can achieve hair stability and growth with properly balancing levels of moisture, protein and trimming. Trimming and cutting hair does not make your hair grow. Hair growth starts at the root. However, trimming removes damaged and split ends that occur from manipulating and processing hair. Hair is dead once it leaves the scalp, so trims are essential to removed damaged ends and prevent more harm to the entire hair shaft (the part that's visible), resulting in shorter hair.

Whew! That was a lot! Let's meet back for Episode 3 where we unveil more on Hair Growth. Until next time...

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