"...Now Let's Get Hairformation" (Pt. 1)

Have you ever wondered...what is hair? How is it formed and how does it grow? These are some of the primary questions when it comes to understanding our hair and how to take care of it. Hair formation starts long before it pops out of the scalp, so let's take a look at what compounds come together and how they come together to form hair.

Now this can get very scientific but I don't want to lose those who preferred to skip science courses at all costs. Therefore, I'll be breaking this down in very simple terms so you can get a full understanding of your hair and eventually how certain ingredients interact with it. So let's get started...

Hair is made of protein and small amounts of water. Moisture gives hair its elasticity and flexibility, while protein gives hair its strength and structure. The most present proteins in hair is called keratin. Proteins are made of amino groups and are also important compounds in the body. Amino groups are basically made up of the elements carbon(organic), nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. These elements are the building blocks of how hair is formed. Carbon combines with two oxygen molecules and hydrogen to form -COOH (carboxylic acid), and nitrogen combines with two hydrogen molecules to form +NH2 (Amine). Now when elements come together, they form compounds which either yield a negative, positive or "0" (no) charge; kind of like magnets, opposites attract. So when formed, carboxylic acid has a negative charge and amine has a positive one. Carboxylic acid is referred to as an acid amino group and Amine as an alkaline amino group.  These two compounds attract and form a bond which now turn them into a completely different molecule. There are also other molecules involved and are attached but, this is just a basic understanding of hair formation.

Hope this was informative! Join me for Pt. 2 where I dive deeper into Hair-formation and hair growth...


With Love, 



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