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How to Determine Curl Pattern

Everyone's hair is different and requires specific needs and techniques to keep it healthy, moisturized and manageable. There's a lot of great information out there but may be difficult for what applies to you without knowing your curl pattern. This simple guide will help you get better acquainted with your hair so you can take the best care of your hair. THE TEST Take samples of strands (in stretched and shrunken state) from the five different parts of your hair (front right, front left, middle, back right, back left). You may notice that you may have various patterns throughout. Curl patterns can be changed either permanently or temporarily. When permanently changed through over-manipulation, heat or relaxing, you are weakening your hair...

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Proper Techniques When Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is an important part of ones hair care routine. If healthy hair is what you want to achieve, neglecting this step can leave hair stagnant, brittle and weak. Most people aren’t aware of proper techniques when deep conditioning, so we’ve created some easy steps that you can incorporate immediately.   Be consistent Consistency is key in every aspect of life, including your deep conditioning routine. I know, life is super-fast paced and when can we find the time to do anything extra? Multi-tasking often times works for most who can’t find the time. If hair is damaged, repair will take time and energy, but overtime, will get healthy and into shape. LaJAshley conditioners can also be used in...

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At this point, most of us have heard of the few basic ingredients that we shouldn’t put or use on our hair and bodies and I’m sure once you’ve read the title, three immediately  rang off in your head. The reason for this “hyper-sensitivity” is due to the scalps ability to  absorbs nutrients (as well as harmful chemicals, ugh!) when products are placed on it. Have you ever used a product, it worked well, then all of a sudden, it didn't work the same or your hair became more brittle, dry... weak? When products don't contain quality, effective ingredients, they can in the long run, cause harm to your hair and even body. Just like the scalp, the body is also...

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