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At this point, most of us have heard of the few basic ingredients that we shouldn’t put or use on our hair and bodies and I’m sure once you’ve read the title, three immediately  rang off in your head. The reason for this “hyper-sensitivity” is due to the scalps ability to  absorbs nutrients (as well as harmful chemicals, ugh!) when products are placed on it. Have you ever used a product, it worked well, then all of a sudden, it didn't work the same or your hair became more brittle, dry... weak? When products don't contain quality, effective ingredients, they can in the long run, cause harm to your hair and even body. Just like the scalp, the body is also...

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The Quintessential Hair Typing System

  What's my hair type? What curl pattern do I have? Why do my coils look different on other parts of my head? Why does my hair like certain products and not others?  There are so many questions when it comes to hair and how to handle the hair on YOUR head. Most of us have been through trials of trying different ingredients and styles and it seems like it works for others but not us! It may seem like you have the same texture as the next person, but results are just not the same. There are many characteristics of hair types that are not always noticeable. Hair type is more than just texture. It's more than just appearance and...

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