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The Quintessential Hair Typing System

  What's my hair type? What curl pattern do I have? Why do my coils look different on other parts of my head? Why does my hair like certain products and not others?  There are so many questions when it comes to hair and how to handle the hair on YOUR head. Most of us have been through trials of trying different ingredients and styles and it seems like it works for others but not us! It may seem like you have the same texture as the next person, but results are just not the same. There are many characteristics of hair types that are not always noticeable. Hair type is more than just texture. It's more than just appearance and...

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The Fundamentals of Hair Growth

As discussed in Pt. 2 of "...Now Let's Get Hairformation," 'hair stability and hair growth begin at the root', and is a bit more complex than what we see. That's why LaJAshley products focus on quality all natural, vegan ingredients for optimal hair health and growth.  The hair bulb (where living cells divide and grow) is the beginning of life for hair and forms the hair follicle. The bulb is nourished by blood vessels which transport oxygen and nutrients. Once ready, the cells exit the scalp to form the hair shaft, which is primarily made of protein. The shaft then excretes an oil (sebum) through its sebaceous gland to the scalp, providing moisture. We then come to the life cycle of hair...

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