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Proper Techniques When Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is an important part of ones hair care routine. If healthy hair is what you want to achieve, neglecting this step can leave hair stagnant, brittle and weak. Most people aren’t aware of proper techniques when deep conditioning, so we’ve created some easy steps that you can incorporate immediately.   Be consistent Consistency is key in every aspect of life, including your deep conditioning routine. I know, life is super-fast paced and when can we find the time to do anything extra? Multi-tasking often times works for most who can’t find the time. If hair is damaged, repair will take time and energy, but overtime, will get healthy and into shape. LaJAshley conditioners can also be used in...

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Feed Your Hair (From the Inside Out)

Just like the body, every strand of hair needs a specific amount of nutrients to keep it at optimal health. In order to achieve growth, health and strength, it's very important to eat healthy. We, at LaJAshley, believe in that using the right products will help you to achieve healthy hair, but having a healthy lifestyle is just as important.   There are plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to the hair and body, so we'll explore 6 easily accessible foods that you can incorporate into your diet ASAP!   Chickpeas, Beans, Lentils (AKA Pulses)-are loaded with fiber and protein. Protein is a major key in keeping hair healthy and vibrant. When hair is deficient in protein,...

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