Deep Condition like a Pro!

 Beware, many products on the market claim to be organic and all natural, but their ingredients say otherwise. Don't be lazy, make sure to read the ingredients list and look up names you're not familiar with. Don't worry, LaJAshley made it very easy for you to understand what's in our products so you can cut down time on the computer and get straight to what you want, healthy hair. 


1. All hair needs deep conditioning. Depending on how thick, fine, long or short your hair may be, depends on the amount of product to use. Don't be shy, the intent is to fully coat every strand. Start at the ends of your hair, which are the driest, then work your way up the shaft.


2. When strands are fully covered, use your a handheld steamer or cover hair with a conditioning/plastic cap and add heat (a heating cap or warm towel). When heat is applied, it opens up the cuticle, allowing the conditioner to penetrate into the scalp easily. Leave conditioner in for as little as 20 minutes or as long as you prefer. Note: It only takes approximately 30-40 mins for the conditioners nutrients to fully penetrate the scalp.


3. Rinse hair and scalp with either hot or cold water depending on your preference. You can follow up with any one of our moisturizers deepening on hair type or elixirs.


4. Deep condition as often as necessary, especially in colder climates. And be patient with your hair, if you're using 100% Natural/Vegan ingredients for the first time, a process of training your hair needs to take place, just like your body when you start going to the gym. You can pick from any four of our amazing conditioners here.

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