Moisture Retention 101

 Who wants dry hair, brittle ends, and unmanageable!! "Not I," says everyone. With proper care and consistency, hair problems like this can be easily terminated.

So follow these simple and effective steps, to banish dry hair.


1. Water is the most essential and effective resource of moisture. That's why most of LaJAshley products have water as their first ingredient. Unless you're sealing your hair or using an oil based treatment, water should be the most dominant ingredient (especially if its classified as a moisturizer), otherwise you're not really moisturizing your hair.


2. Deep condition hair regularly. We’ve created an array of deep conditioners to aid in ones hair journey and environmental factors, packed with nutrients to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair.


3. The ends of your hair are the oldest and receive the least amount of moisture. While the majority of your hair may feel moisturized for most of the week, regular to daily moisture to your ends are a necessary in order to keep ends from breaking and splitting.


4. After using a water based moisturizing, following up with a sealant is necessary to lock in moisture. We recommend either our Vanilla Bean Pomade or Chamomile Chai Dry Hair Elixir. 


5. Hair is dead once it leaves the root, and since your ends are the oldest, regular trims are essential in getting rid of weak and brittle split ends and single strand knots. Believe it or not, this will help hair to grow and maintain moisture.


6. Minimize heat or don't use it at all. I know it may be hard for some, but the harsh reality is that heat is not your friend when it comes to moisture, It strips moisture and can hard for natural oils (sebum) to remoisturize hair.


7. Last but not least, incorporate satin into your hair and sleep accessories. That includes, satin lined hats (and even hoodies now), bonnets, scarves and polio cases. All designed to protect hair and keep it form drying out.


Get all the moisture you need with LaJAshley products. Take a look at our Conditioners and Moisturizers that’ll give hair everything it needs to maintain health and length.

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