Hair Breaking? Follow These Simple Tips

Split ends, brittle hair, knotting, BREAKAGE! No one wants to hear these words when it comes to hair. When hair is breaking it simply means that hair is lacking elasticity. Have you ever tried stretching an old rubber band, it usually feels extremely dry and when pulled it breaks very easily. Just like hair if its lacking in elasticity, hair will easily break under tension. Well, LaJAshley’s here to give you 10 golden tips to help prevent breakage.



I know it’s tempting and faster to dry, but heat literally sucks up all moisture in your hair, creating damage and breakage.

2. DETANGLE HAIR WHEN DAMP. It’s a rule of thumb to NEVER detangle hair when it’s dry but also when extremely wet. Why?  Because hair is not as elastic when dry and very fragile when drenched in water. We recommend finger detangling first when damp, then following up with a detangling comb or brush. And please, be gentle.


Excessive combing, brushing and styling can cause breakage. Wear hair in protective styles, with proper maintenance, and reduce the amount of times you need to touch your hair. Use of a wide-toothed comb and good detangling brush, along side a great night routine, to keep hair elastic and retain length.


When drying hair after washing, using normal towels tend to snag and tug hair. Instead, use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry hair.


Deep conditioning is an important process for hair health. Whether weekly or bi-weekly, a great deep conditioner will nourish and transport important nutrients to hair. Shop our phenomenal conditioners here. 


Alongside deep conditioning, a protein treatment is also an important process for having healthy hair. Hair is made of protein, so it’s important to replenish that protein lost. Normally protein treatments are done once a month for naturals and twice of month for chemically treated hair. Shop our Green Apple Dream Protein Treatment here.


Hair is more elastic and less fragile when properly moisturized. Rule of thumb: use a water based moisturizer (LaJAshley has an array of superb moisturizers based on hair type), then follow up with a non-water based sealant, such as LaJAshley’s Vanilla Bean Pomade or oil like our Chamomile Chair Dry Hair Elixir.


When sealing hair, make sure you focus on your ends; these are the oldest parts of your hair and need the most care. Sealing ends and night is also a great routine to incorporate in your hair regimen. You can use LaJAshley’s Vanilla Bean Pomade or Chamomile Chair Dry Hair Elixir.


Since hair is dead, when it leaves the scalp, it can’t be repaired. Let’s just debunk that myth once and for all. If hair is damaged, the best way to prevent it from further breaking is to trim or cut hair first and then follow steps 1-9. Your hair will grow back and more because its won’t continue breaking and it will feel and look a lot better. Don’t be afraid of scissors. 


Last but NOT least, harmful chemicals have been put in hair products for decades because they’re cheap and sometimes easy to formulate. However, we now know how harmful chemicals are to our bodies and especially our hair. So if you feel like your’e doing everything correctly on this list and still having issues, you probably need to check the ingredients on your products. LaJAshley’s made it very simple and easy for you because EVERY SINGLE  ingredient is 100% Natural/Vegan!

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