How To Care for Your Babys' Hair

As you’ve seen and may have encountered, some babies are born bald, become bald or have bald spots as time passes. While others have a full thick head of hair and don’t lose any at all. It’s no exact science as to why this may occur but maybe attributed to genetics and hormones.

Whatever the situation, LaJAshley has got you covered with some great tips and products that you can use for manageable, healthy and full hair!



Best practices when taking care of your babies hair when washing, is to only wash their hair once a week. Your babies scalp is still developing and you don’t want to strip or disrupt their natural sebum (oil) that’ll are essential for healthy hair and scalp.


LaJAshley’s shampoos are great for babies hair because they are 100% Natural/Vegan.  Gently massage a small amount of any one of LaJAshley’s Shampoos onto the hair and scalp. Avoid using your nails when massaging to prevent any cuts you may inflict onto your baby’s tender scalp. (Shampoo brushes are a great alternative instead of using your hand.)





After fully rinsing out shampoo, replenish any moisture lost with either our Papaya Surprise Conditioner, Mint-Tea Stimulating Conditioner or Coconut Cream Hair Masque onto babies hair. Leave on for 2-4 minutes then thoroughly rinse out.


When applying a cream based moisturizer, like LaJAshley’s Mint-Tea Hair Lotion, Creamy Leave-in Conditioner, and Strawberry Cream Hair Moisturizer, avoid placing it on the scalp so as not to clog the pores. Start with a dime size amount and increase based on the thickness of your babies hair.


When applying a water based moisturizer like LaJAshley’s Moisture Mist Leave-In Conditioner, it can be applied to the hair and scalp and works as a great detanlger as well.


If babies hair is straight - wavy, you can stop here and have fun but be gentle with styling.



For curly - kinky hair types, sealing hair is very important for retaining moisture long term, especially since you’re not washing baby as often as you would your own. LaJAshleys’ Chamomile Chai Dry Hair Elixir is an essential final step on wash day for baby. Style hair loosely. Do not pull hair and scalp tight, this may cause traction alopecia and be hard to fix as your child grows.


Reduce friction 

Be mindful of the type of materials that come in contact with babies hair. Fabrics like wool and cotton can cause hair to break off and be dry. Reduce this type of friction by replacing those fabrics with satin or silk. They are gentle and help hair to retain moisture.

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