Proper Techniques When Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is an important part of ones hair care routine. If healthy hair is what you want to achieve, neglecting this step can leave hair stagnant, brittle and weak. Most people aren’t aware of proper techniques when deep conditioning, so we’ve created some easy steps that you can incorporate immediately.


  1. Be consistent

Consistency is key in every aspect of life, including your deep conditioning routine. I know, life is super-fast paced and when can we find the time to do anything extra? Multi-tasking often times works for most who can’t find the time. If hair is damaged, repair will take time and energy, but overtime, will get healthy and into shape. LaJAshley conditioners can also be used in your deep conditioning routine for their variety of features. Our Papaya Surprise Deep Conditioning Treatment is packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients to stimulate hair growth; Green Apple Dream Protein Conditioner strengthens and re-energizes hair; Mint Tea Stimulating  Deep Conditioner detoxes and reinvigorates for a healthy scalp; Coconut Cream Hydrating Hair Masque intensely moisturizes hair, adding softness and increasing manageability.

  1. Focus on the ends

The ends of hair are the most vulnerable to breakage and dryness. Apply an ample amount of product to the ends to restore oils and suppleness; and work your way up the strands.

  1. Heat it up. If you’re a scalp sweater, adding a plastic shower cap may be enough to heat up the conditioner on your hair. Otherwise, a heating cap or steamer should be incorporated to help open up the pores, letting nutrients and vitamins work their magic.
  1. Some would argue that one needs to rinse out conditioner with cold water locking in moisture. However, if your adding product afterwards and/or using the LOC method, rinsing with warm water will keep hair open for the introduction to moisturizers and oils; with air drying or your sealant helping with locking in moisture.
  2. Know your ingredients. This is a MAJOR key. Don’t just take a product claiming they’re “all natural” and “organic” for face value. Read through the ingredients list to make sure you’re using products with natural and quality ingredients. Here at LaJAshley, we’ve taken the guessing game out of the equation. Only 100% Natural/Vegan ingredients with an easy to read and understand ingredients list.



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